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I went to Simpson College, I thought that the best part about the tour was touring the dorms, seeing what the look like, and what its like to live in a dorm. Our tour guide said the bigger the group the bigger the dorm room is. What I thought was a little strange is that the girl dorm hallway connected also to the guys dorm hall way. I don’t know if I would like to go there because its a smaller college and I want to go to a college with a bigger population, also the food there wasn’t  the best. The campus itself was pretty nice because seance its a smaller college to me I thought that it was very quite and peaceful. Another thing I liked was the music area, the choir room was beautiful with a golden chandelier, a spiral stair case, checker tile flood, and a rug hanging from the wall. Also when we walked in someone was practicing there opera. I went there for art, but we didn’t get to see the art part of the college. I also liked the science building, I really like the full skeleton of the giraffe, that was pretty cool. I also like the campus cafe because if you work there you get free coffee and free coffee on finals week.

    To get in to Simpson College they recommend you to take challenging curriculum in high school, that gets them ready for challenges in college. Simpson College doesn’t have a require  a certain amount of years for each subject, but they do recommend you continue to pursue core classes like math, science, etc. Also of couse get good grades in your classes.

week 10: So long



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This year in 2015 “I have made so many post” for those that don’t know I was being sarcastic.

I have made 2 blogs counting this one.

2 school blogs.

0 comments from classmates and 0 over seas.

I really enjoyed the only other blog I posted, because for one thing it was the only other one I posted ans two I was really interested into the topic I wrote.

Now lets focus on some buddy  else, Shaylee’s blog.

When I started to reed her blog about wolves my impression was she likes wolves and she thinks they are majestic.  What captured me on this blog was the picture, and the typing thingy that makes it look cool.  What distracted me a little bit was the type writing it was so cool that it it was kind messing with me eyeballs.  My suggestion is to put a space in between the period and the next sentence because those things can be tiny and easy to miss, so if there a space its easier to see that that sentence is over.

Any way back to me, and more about what I think.  The most interesting blog I posted was the week 7 blog I posted.  I don’t comment on other peoples blogs very often, only when we are told to. I don’t read the magazine thingy.  The most important thing  I thing about the blogs that I’ve done were that I’ve become a better type, even tho this is my second blog, and idk. 

Soo ill see you guys next year good bye, hasta la vista I don’t know any others soooo bye.

week 7: Nature


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The Pink Lake by: Sydney krass

The pink lake is a saltwater lake in Goldfields-Esperanza region of Western Australia. Ir is about  3 kiloliter 2 miles big west of Esperanza  and bounded to the east by the south west highway. The lake inset always pink it changes because of  green alga , the green alga starts to turn a reddish color it captures the color with the help of, the pink bacteriological grow at the bottom of the lake, at the bottom there is a thing called salt crust, the color of the lake is a result of the balance between, D. saline and H. cerebrum.         

The pink lake also has some bird visitors it has been identified by bird life international as an important bird because it is a home to what is called a hooded plovers, sometimes over 1% of the world population of banned silts. They have had many migrant and native birds. The hooded plover lives there. Between 1997-2006, there were populations of between 12 and 12,000 of the banded stilt recorded. There was a population of between 5 and 68 of the hooded plovers from 1995 to 2005.  the max length is 4 km (2 miles ) the max width is 2 km (1 mile) the surface area is 99 ha (245 acres of  lake land).

The salt production the lake’s environment was investigated in to the 1980s. Table salt is produced in solar ponds in the east part of the pink lake. The company WA Salt Supply company produce water softening salt, coarse salt and sheepskin salt at the Esperanza site. The salt is kiln dried, crushed and bagged at the site before being distributed. There’s plenty to see and do around Esperanza including horse riding, walking and cycling, fishing, scuba diving, whale-watching in May and  October, windsurfing, abseiling, kayaking and 4WD drive tours. If you want to see the pink lake you will have to be really lucky to see it or watch the news what the weather will be like there.